The Radical Life of Love in Christ's Already-But-Not-Yet Kingdom (Matthew 5:1-12)


1. What future aspects of the Kingdom do you see in 5:3-12? What present aspects of the kingdom do you see in these same verses? Why is each aspect crucial for us to live radical lives of love as Kingdom citizens?

2. How are each of the four beatitudes in 5:7-10 different than both secular and religious approaches to life? Which of the four do you see your greatest need to grow in?

3. Why do you think Jesus expands on the 8th beatitude of verse 10 in verses 11 and 12? Where do you experience any part of verse 11? How does the reward of verse 12 give you grace to follow Jesus in the midst of opposition?

4. What did you find most helpful from the sermon text and/or the sermon on the text?