Split Decision (2 Samuel 24)


  1. If according to the sermon “evil/sinful plan” is “to override God’s holy plan with our own selfish agenda,” are we also guilty of the same? Can you recall specific manners in which you have been culpable in this manner?

  2. The way of sacrifice is very hard, and often painfully lonely (i.e. Jesus). But looking to Jesus, and considering the great eternal hope of the gospel, would you be willing to suffer for the sake of others? What choice would you have made if you were David? How would you expect faith-based self-sacrifice to play out in real life situation(s)?

  3. The “altar” is where sacrifices are made; and “threshing floor” is the proving ground, separating kernel from husk, wheat from weed, sheep from goat. a. How has Jesus “proven” Himself at the altar; and b. how do you cling on to Jesus while forsaking the world?

  4. What did you find most helpful from the sermon text and/or the sermon on the text?