God’s Great Grace Leads to Sacrificial Giving for Kingdom Projects

  1. We saw how sacrificial generosity among the Christian community in Acts 4 gave powerful testimony to the resurrection of Jesus. Have you ever been generously given to by another Christian to help you with a need or assist you in a mission/mercy project? How did that impact you? What about others?

  2. We saw that the sacrificial generosity of the early church was empowered by God’s grace. What specific areas of unbelief do you need the grace of God to challenge so that you can grow in sacrificial generosity?

  3. We saw the early church laying their gifts at the feet of their spiritual leaders, the apostles, to use as the apostles saw best. What about our cultural climate makes this a foreign concept in many ways? What specific step can you begin to take next month to prepare for, save up for, and sacrifice so that you can contribute generously to HCC’s upcoming resource campaign to raise funds for a building as a ministry centre?

  4. What is the most helpful thing to you in this text or the sermon on the text?