Church in the Wild

Discussion Questions:

1) Can you share any “Ah ha!” moments that you had during the sermon?

2) Christian morality is not about becoming the best person you can be; it is about becoming the best neighbor you can be. If this is true, is it possible to live the Christian life apart from the church? Why is it so tempting to miss church or even stop going to church altogether but still feel like we are good Christians?

3) It’s easy for us to get surprised when we see people in church acting sinfully. Why is it important for us to expect division, scandal, and trouble in the church?

4) God holds us together better than we can possibly hold on to each other. How can the belief that the church belongs to God humble us, give us patience with one another, and make us more gentle? Why is it important to understand that unity is more than the absence of division or disagreement? What are some ways you can actively promote the unity of HCC?