Receive the Righteousness Based on Faith

  1. In Romans 10:5-6, Paul contrasts the righteousness based on faith with the righteousness based on faith in Christ. Why do you think humans are so tempted to pursue a works based righteousness? What are some words of counsel/ways of keeping your Christian friends accountable that we may be unintentionally promoting a works based righteousness in their lives?

  2. In Romans 10:14-17 Paul shows the necessity of hearing the gospel in order to believe it and be saved by the righteousness of Christ. He does this to show that the Jews had heard the gospel. What level of familiarity

    do your non-Christian work mates, fellow uni-students, families or neighbors have with the gospel? Do you think they really understand that Christianity is about grace and not works based? How do you know?

  3. In Romans 10:18-21 Paul says that God will use the Gentiles receiving the gospel to make the Jews jealous for the gospel. What would it look like for your life to make non-Christians jealous of what you receive from the gospel?

  4. What was the most helpful/challenging thing to you from the sermon on this text?