Wisdom and Innocence (1 Samuel 18)


  1. ME: Have you ever been in a difficult situation where you were forced to choose a side? What were the guiding principles in that decision?

  2. BIBLE: What is the expected response from the world when we are united to God in Christ according to [1Sam.18 & Matt.10:22; James 4:4]? But who gives us favor and strength to endure to the end? Have you experienced such divine help?

  3. OTHERS: Can you recall the meaning of “innocence” according to the sermon? How is that status established “covenantally”?

  4. What did you find most helpful/challenging/encouraging from the text or the sermon on the text? 

The God Who Gives and Takes Away (1 Samuel 13)


  1. Have you ever had to deal with bad leadership? Why is it difficult to submit to bad leadership?

  2. How did Saul fail to care for his people, win blessing for them, and provide them with peace?

  3. How does King Jesus give you direction and purpose in life? How does Jesus provide us with what Saul failed to provide Israel?

  4. What are the areas of our lives that need to be transformed to reflect Christ’s character, not Saul’s?