Unashamed of the Gospel

  1. How does our society definene ‘power’? How do you explain the gospel in terms of ‘the power of God’? How can you be empowered by the gospel?

  2. Where does our society find the source of ‘morality’? How do you explain the gospel in terms of ‘the righteousness of God’? How can your relationship with God be restored and grow?

  3. What does it mean by “The righteous shall live by faith.”? How can we live out the good news as the way of life when the gospel is not an advice but an announcement?

How can we develop a passion for the progress of the Gospel?

I. Realize that the Progress of the Gospel is God’s Work, 1:8.

II. Really Pray for the Progress of the Gospel, 1:9-11.

III. Remember that both Non-Christians and Christians Need the Progress of the Gospel, 1:12-15.

Discussion Questions: 
1. Paul’s thanksgiving shows God’s sovereignty in salvation. How should this motivate us to share the gospel both with Christians and non-Christians?

2. Paul’s prayer for people moved him to action. Why do we struggle to pray for the progress of the gospel? What practical step(s) can you/will you take to begin to pray for the work of the gospel in specific non-Christians and Christians?

3. Paul wanted to share the gospel not just with non-Christians but the Christians in Rome? Why do Christians need the gospel too? Which non-Christians do you struggle to want to pray for and share with? Why?

4. What from this text or the sermon on this text was the most challenging or encouraging to you?