Worship God for His Heart to Humble and Heal the Heathens (2 Kings 5)


1. What made Naaman such an unexpected recipient of God’s pursuing grace? What circumstances did God ordain to heal Naaman physically and spiritually? What circumstances did God ordain in your life to contribute to you coming to faith in Christ?

2. Where is human pride on display throughout this narrative? In what areas of your life are you most tempted to take pride in? What resources of God’s grace do you see in this passage to help you to battle pride?

3. How did God use lowly people to lead Naaman to himself in this text? How have you seen God use other common people to lead non-Christians towards faith in Christ? What are some small ways that you have in your sphere of influence to point people to Jesus and the gospel?

4. What did you find most helpful from the sermon text and/or the sermon on the text?