A Prayer That Teaches Us How to Pray (1 Kings 8)


1. Point out some ways this text points both to God’s transcendence and his immanence. Which truth about God do you most need at this point in your life in order for you to pray more earnestly? Why?

2. What are some ways that Solomon as King is acting as a mediator for God’s people? In what ways is Jesus an even greater mediator than Solomon? How should this encourage your prayer life?

3. Solomon prayed that God would answer prayers that were offered in dependence and/or repentance. Highlight a couple of verses that point to each. Do you struggle most with repenting or depending on God’s provision for things other than forgiveness? What from this text encourages you to both greater dependence and/or repentance?

4. What did you find most helpful from the sermon text and/or the sermon on the text?