Is Jesus Really Your Lord? (Matthew 7:21-29)


  1. Where in the passage do we see that trust in Jesus as Lord is the only way to enter the Kingdom of God? What arguments do your non-believing friends/ acquaintances try to make that there are other ways of salvation/proper religion than through Jesus? How do you answer them?

  2. In the passage, what things do people subtly substitute for a vital relationship with Jesus Christ? Why are these things not good enough evidence that they are known by Jesus and know Jesus? What are you tempted to “do” that might sometimes be substituted for a vital walk with Jesus as Lord?

  3. Jesus speaks of building our life on his teaching. What does that look like in our lives? What are some specific areas that you are not consistently building your life on Jesus and his teaching?

  4. What did you find most helpful from the sermon text and/or the sermon on the text?