Self-Rule or the Savior’s Rule? (1 Samuel 19)


  1. What stood out to you about the ways David escapes Saul’s attempts on his life? What ways do you see the people/institutions you are involved in resisting the reign of David’s greatest son, Jesus Christ?

  2. As you look at the text, which verses highlight the evil nature of Saul’s opposition to David? How did you oppose Jesus before becoming a Christian? In what areas do you sometimes find yourself still resisting his rule?

  3. What stands out to you from the text (both this one
    and the beginning of chapter 18) about Jonathan’s relationship with David? What do you learn from Jonathan’s life about how to resist the urge to follow self- rule rather than Jesus’s rule?

  4. What did you find most helpful/challenging/encouraging from the text or the sermon on the text?