How to Move Forward Together

1. In vs. 12, Paul says that he has not “obtained this” and he presses on to “make it my own”. Based on vs. 7-11, what is it that he presses to make it his own? How can we move forward together by making this our own?

2. Who was Paul before his conversion (vs. 5-6)? What are the bad things (or even the good things) that happened to you that stops you to move forward with the church? How can we move forward together by straining forward to what lies ahead?

3. What does vs. 15 say about how the mature should think of themselves? What does it mean to “join in imitating” Paul in vs. 17? Who do you consider as mature Christians around you? How can we move forward together as we keep our eyes on them?

4. What are the main characters of those who turned their back on Jesus (vs.19)? How can we set our minds on heavenly things as we try to move forward together?