The Gospel and Christian Life

  1. Why do we still need to fulfil the law (Rom 13:10) even though we are released from it (Rom 7:6)? How can we fulfil the law based on Rom 13:8-10? Why is it so hard to love others? How does the gospel help us with this struggle?

  2. When is ‘the time’ and ‘the hour’ that Paul is referring to (Rom 13:11)? What does it mean to ‘wake up from sleep’ (Rom 13:11), ‘put on the armour of light’ (v12) and ‘walk properly as in the daytime’ (v13)? What are the three categories of sin listed in verse 13? What are the sins that you are struggling with?

  3. How does ‘putting on the Lord Jesus Christ’ (v14) help us with our sin struggles? What do you desire the most? Is Jesus at the centre of your inner most desires?

  4. What is the most helpful thing to you in this text or the sermon on the text?