Rest in the Goodness of Our Sovereign God

  1. Verses 8:26-27 talks about our weakness. In what ways do you struggle when you are going through trial and difficulty? Does it encourage you to know that the Spirit is praying on your behalf in these times? How so?

  2. Romans 8:28 is often misunderstood. In what ways do you see it misused? In the context (see 8:29) what is the “good” to which God is working all things in the Christian’s life? Can you give one example of how you have seen God grow you in Christian maturity through a particular trial or hardship?

  3. Romans 8:29-30 teaches that God is sovereign in saving some and not others. Is this a new teaching for you? Do you struggle to understand or embrace it? If you do embrace it (or if you did), in what ways would it provide comfort and assurance for you?

  4. What is the most helpful thing to you in this text or the sermon on the text?