The Privilege and Responsibility of Being a Church Member

  1. In Romans 3:2 Paul says it is a great privilege to have God’s word. What are some of the obvious blessings you enjoy because of your knowledge of God’s word compared to some of your non-Christians friends who have had very little exposure to or knowledge of the Bible?

  2. In Romans 3:3 Paul says that the benefits of having God’s word are nullified by unbelief. Why do you think some of the people you know who grew up in church don’t believe the gospel? Why can the unbelief of some in the church seem very subtle so that others and maybe even they themselves are unaware of their lack of faith?

  3. In Romans 3:5-8 Paul talks about those who abuse God’s grace by assuming that he won’t judge them for their sin. How can we both vigorously focus on salvation by grace and also continually be challenged to how grace leads us to a life of practical godliness?

  4. What for you is the most helpful/challenging thing from this text or the sermon on it?