Our Story




Was the year P. Jim Jung visited Sydney on the way to Papua New Guinea. During this 5 days of providential layover, God laid a great burden and vision for Australia in his heart. He was single back then, vowing to return "soon."  Um... over 10 years later..


Jim and Claudia (now married since 1998) visited Sydney for a vision trip to finalise their commitment to this great city.  It was Claudia's first time in Australia. It was an easy sell for Claudia to love this beautiful city.


the Jungs were formally commissioned by Mission to the World (MTW) of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) as church planters.


October 1st: The Jungs arrived in Sydney with nothing but suitcases and a hotel reservation. While networking and researching for church planting, a brand new university ministry was started called Student Outreach to the World (SOW) in August 2007.  It is by no accident that PJ has served in university ministries in California for over 15 years prior to coming to Sydney.  This providential work of God took up majority of PJ's time.  As for church-planting, it took a backstage for a little while.  Still, various small gatherings were held since 2008, until living room gatherings moved to Sundays and became a regular church meeting.  

Building Blocks


Harbour City Church moved out to an outside venue at Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre. Yes, a block up from the Prime Minister's Kirribilli House, and with a commanding view of our own from the balcony overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  KNC was a great place to incubate HCC community. The Jungs also expanded to 3, with the arrival of their daughter. But the parking was hard to come by, and eventually we outgrew the biggest room. We still miss Bradfield Park where every other Sunday we had picnic fellowship by the beautiful Sydney harbour. Good times!


The Jungs took a sabbatical lasting 9 months (from April to December). That was tough! But many "stepped up."


HCC moved out to North Sydney Community Centre, just a few blocks up from KNC. We are grateful for God's wonderful provision in growing HCC in every way.