Our People


Jim and Claudia Jung

Jim Jung is the Lead Pastor of HCC.  Claudia is a full-time mum and the mastermind behind all things Jung.  Jim grew up in Southern California in the U.S, and Claudia grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They are now wanna-be-Aussies by admission, and love the global city of Sydney full of so many "third-culture" people just like them.

Jim studied Economics in uni, and worked in banking/finance industry alongside ministries, but the greatest calling he joyfully answers to every day is the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ.  Claudia used to be a public school teacher, and now she uses her gifts to mentor E and the sisters of the church.

P. Jim received his M. Div. at Westminster Seminary California, and was ordained with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and now shares his service with Westminster Presbyterian Church of Australia (WPC).  He is also the founder and director of Student Outreach to the World (SOW).

Richey & Keli Goodrich

Richey and Keli Goodrich grew up an hour outside of Dallas, Texas. They both felt called to spread the saving glory of Jesus in missions from the time they were around 19 years old. Keli wanted to do this as a nurse. Richey wanted to do this as a pastor, church planter, and theological educator.

In 1999, they married with the goal of answering Christ’s call together. Keli eventually became a women’s health nurse practitioner and Richey an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America. In 2010 they moved to South Asia to train indigenous pastors and plant and pastor a church in a global city. They loved the ministry, but after almost six years on the field they were denied visas and it became clear God was calling them elsewhere.

God has now called Richey and Keli to Sydney, Australia, to help reach the many Asians studying and working in this global city. They are excited by the team’s vision to raise up Christian leaders for the unreached peoples throughout Asia. Richey will serve as one of the pastor’s at Harbour City Church and aid in the university ministry to international students. They are joined by their four children: Hadassah, Josiah, Hannah, and Jedidiah. 

Core MOM (CORE Ministry Operations Meeting Team)

Jason 'Jacko' Ju

Cyril Laugeon

David 'Daebi' Choi

BIG MOM (BIG Ministry Operations Meeting Team)